Should I choose law as my career?

Law is one of the most well-defined areas of study available to undergraduates. It offers a clear, focused career path, and gives law qualification holders the benefit of instant respect from prospective employers.

The legal sector is highly competitive and difficult to get into if you don’t have an excellent academic track record - it isn’t likely that a firm will want to employ someone as a legal professional if they cannot display high levels of academic competence.

The basic skills required to be a legal professional can be honed over the duration of a legal degree or apprenticeship, but they should be present before that time to give you the best chance of a successful career in law.

Skills like interpersonal communication, empathy, the ability to understand and compile a lot of information at once, time management, and resilience will be invaluable as a legal professional.

How do I get into law?

Traditionally, the only way to get into law was to exhibit high grades throughout your academic career, before going on to study law at university in pursuit of a degree.

This is still the most commonly trodden route, and for good reason - graduates with law degrees are regarded highly by employers and have more options available to them for further education.

More recently, however, legal firms have started offering apprenticeships as a viable, alternative route to a career in the legal sector. There are three levels of legal apprenticeship available as part of the Government Trailblazer Scheme. These are:

- The Paralegal Apprenticeship (Advanced, Level 3)
- The Legal Executive Apprenticeship (Higher, Level 6)
- The Solicitor Apprenticeship (Degree, Level 7)

Which level of apprenticeship you choose to start with will depend on your preferred job role, as well as your existing academic record (based on both grades and experience). 


Why use Enrol?

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