Nursing & Healthcare

Should I choose nursing and healthcare as my career?

Nursing and healthcare come hand-in-hand, although the careers that stem from each area of study are remarkably different. 

The NHS recognise qualifications from the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) in the four areas of nursing: adult, children’s, learning disability, and mental health. Nurses are on the frontline of patient care and are the primary communicators within hospitals and clinics.

Though nursing and healthcare integrate, working in healthcare is not the same as becoming a registered nurse. The role of a healthcare professional tends to be more generalised, with a focus on administrative tasks and organisation rather than bedside care in a hospital. 

Often, healthcare graduates will be offered job roles in the public sector, where they may manage hospitals, GP surgeries, or community health services; undertake further training as a healthcare specialist, and even progress their career towards becoming a healthcare educator.

To work in either nursing or healthcare, you will need to display a genuine desire to care for people. These jobs are often seen as vocational, as your effort will be focused primarily on improving the lives of others.

How do I get into nursing and healthcare? 

You can study your speciality area at university, or pursue a more work-focused apprenticeship - both routes will allow you to progress in the nursing and healthcare sectors. 

Typically, entry requirements for undergraduate nursing degrees will ask for two or three A-Levels (or Level 3 equivalent qualifications), as well as GCSEs in biology or human biology. 

Studying nursing and healthcare through an apprenticeship can take you from school-leaver to degree level if you’d prefer to earn-and-learn. Degree apprenticeships typically take four years, after which you become a registered nurse. Health and social care apprenticeships vary in duration and role depending on the provider, but can also be taken up to degree level.


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