Programming & Computer Science

Should I choose programming and computer science as my career?

Computer scientists are needed in every industry. As more and more daily tasks become digitised or AI-driven, the need for functional, working computer processes and their integrated counterparts (read: software, websites, digital security, and IT support) becomes ever more important.

The computer science sector offers hundreds of different job roles, and more are being developed every day. Technology is becoming both more advanced and also more widespread, meaning that the people needed to support its functionality are required to be more diverse and dynamic than ever.

The job roles available within the programming and computer science sector are varied, and your choice will depend entirely on what you wish to specialise in. Computer science will appeal to those with an affinity for technology, logic, mathematics, and an interest in how things work.

If you find that you have creative and logical problem-solving skills, as well the drive and capacity to absorb and process large volumes of technical information, you may wish to pursue a career in computer science.

How do I get into programming and computer science?

You can learn the fundamentals of computer science with a degree. You’ll be able to choose a specialist discipline as a course module, such as those listed below:

- Programming language theory
- Computer graphics
- Human-computer interaction
- Artificial intelligence
- Algorithms and data structures

Alternatively, you could take a computer science apprenticeship, which will give you both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in your chosen area.

If you want to go straight into full-time work, there are degree apprenticeships available in business analytics, data analytics, IT security, network engineering, and software engineering. Find out more about apprenticeships here.


Why use Enrol?

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