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Cambridge Technical in ICT

Amersham School

Cambridge Technicals are vocational qualifications that are designed to give you a work-focused alternative to A Levels. They have been designed to demonstrate and develop the practical application o...


Amersham School

Legal Eagle? A robust legal system is the foundation of a fair society. If you feel strongly about concepts like justice and equality then this A Level course could be very rewarding for you.


Amersham School

The Core modules build upon GCSE studies. Students will develop and understanding of mathematics and mathematical processes, develop the ability to reason logically and construct mathematical proofs a...


Amersham School

These Physics specifications are a stepping stone to future study, and allows students to develop the skills that they need. This will nurture a passion for Physics and lay the groundwork for further

Product Design

Amersham School

The course has been designed to encourage students to take a broad view of design and technology, to develop their capacity to design and make products and to appreciate the complex relations between


Amersham School

Psychology as an A Level would suit individuals with an enquiring mind who possess both written and numerical skills. The course is particularly useful of University candidates and is widely regarded...

Business BTEC

Amersham School

The Extended Certificate is for learners who are interested in learning about the business sector alongside other fields of study, with a view to progressing to a wide range of higher education course...

Sport BTEC

Amersham School

The sport sector is one of the top 15 industry sectors in England. The Extended Certificate in Sport is intended to be an Applied General qualification for post-16 students wanting to continue their e...

Art &Design (Art, Craft and Design)

Amersham School

Whatever your area of interest, this Art, Craft and Design course provides you with exciting choices. The choice to create your own ideas, develop your thought and start to make your journey in a way...


Amersham School

In the Sixth Form Biology course you will study every aspect of living things, from their chemical component and the structures of cells, through the body's response to exercise, to the interaction of...


Amersham School

This course is essential for anyone considering careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, pharmacology, pharmacy, materials science or biochemistry.

Creative Writing

Amersham School

This course will introduce you to many different forms of writing You will be expected to keep a writing journal and to commit to a regular reading habit. Workshops where you share and discuss your

Drama and Theatre Studies

Amersham School

A Level Drama is an exciting entertaining and enlightening subject. Studying Drama gives you an chance to put yourself in the shoes of some of the most celebrated playwrights' most celebrated charact...

English Literature

Amersham School

This course is best suited to students who are keen to read vastly, widely and with great drive: it is naturally for students who recognise the power and magical quality of books, plays and poems.


Amersham School

Geography is a diverse and engaging subject that covers very relevant topics in our world today. It is a unique subject because it looks at both the physical structure of the planet and the social st...