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GCE A LEVEL in Health and Social Care

All Hallows Catholic School

For the AS :– Unit 1 Human Growth & Development. This examined unit will develop your knowledge & understanding of key patterns of growth and development. You will learn about the experience of he...

GCE A LEVEL in Applied Business

All Hallows Catholic School

This course is ideal for students who prefer coursework assessment, which makes up 2/3 of the course. The overall A Level grade is awarded based on only one exam in Year 12 and the rest is coursewor...

BTEC DIPLOMA in Sport (Level 3)

All Hallows Catholic School

Unit 1: Principles of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport: explore the structure and function of the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems and also to learn the fundamentals of the en...

GCE A LEVEL in Spanish

All Hallows Catholic School

For the A/S course, you will study 2 units: Unit 1: Listening, Reading and Writing Unit 2: Speaking For the A2 course in Year 13, you will study a further 2 units: Unit 3: Listening, Reading and

GCE A LEVEL in Sociology

All Hallows Catholic School

Over the course of the A Level, you will study 3 units. Due to the government’s A Level reforms, the following is still subject to change: • Paper 1: Education with Theory & Methods • Paper

GCE A LEVEL in Psychology

All Hallows Catholic School

What will you be studying on this course? Topic 1 – Social Influence Topic 2 – Memory Topic 3 – Attachment Topic 4 – Approaches in Psychology Topic 5 – Biopsychology Topic 6 – Rese...

GCE A LEVEL in Physics

All Hallows Catholic School

What will you be Studying on this course? • 1 Measurements and their errors • 2 Particles and radiation • 3 Waves • 4 Mechanics and materials • 5 Electricity • 6 Further mechanics an...

GCE A LEVEL in Physical Education

All Hallows Catholic School

For the AS you will study 4 modules Anatomy and Physiology, Skill Acquisition, Contemporary Studies in PE, Performance and its improvement through Critical Analysis For the A2 you will study 4 mod...

GCE A LEVEL in Photography

All Hallows Catholic School

The AS/A2 Level photography course is an endorsed Art and Design specialisation. You will be encouraged to use formal elements and creative skills in your artwork therefore giving visual form to ind...

GCE A LEVEL in Philosophy & Ethics

All Hallows Catholic School

For the AS you will study the OCR Philosophy & Ethics syllabus. It provides the opportunity to study a range of philosophical approaches to life from philosophy of religion and religious ethics. Some

GCE A LEVEL in Music

All Hallows Catholic School

You will study performance as a soloist and as part of an ensemble, undertake stylistic and free compositions, analyse a range of music, complete harmonic exercises, demonstrate aural perception and g...

GCE A LEVEL in Media Studies

All Hallows Catholic School

An understanding of the media is essential to inform the decisions we make in today’s world. If you are interested in the following questions, then Media Studies might be the subject for you…Are

GCE A LEVEL in Maths

All Hallows Catholic School

For the AS you will…. • Develop your algebra from GCSE and learn new techniques • Learn about how mathematical models can be used to describe the real world For the A2 you will… • Stu...


All Hallows Catholic School

This is a one year course that you can take in order to prepare you for full time employment or an Advanced course. The course is equivalent to 4 GCSEs at grade A*-C. It can be combined with re-taki...


All Hallows Catholic School

For the AS you will develop an understanding of: • The use of ICT in different situations. • The effects of the use of ICT. • The range of hardware and software to solve ICT based problems.