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Textiles (Art and Design) AS/A Level ( AQA )

Allerton High School

Textiles is now commonly regarded by employers and universities as a complex and demanding subject. If you study Textiles AS Level, you show that you can be analytical, are willing to be challenged b...

Spanish AS/A Level ( AQA )

Allerton High School

Did you know that 94% of the world's population does not speak English as a first language and that 75% of the world's population does not speak any English at all? We live in a multilingual world and...

Sociology AS/A Level ( AQA )

Allerton High School

Sociology develops students' understanding of how and why people act as they do and how our society is structured. Students develop their written communication skills and their ability to frame a reas...

Religious Studies (Philosophy and Ethics) AS/A Level ( AQA )

Allerton High School

Why are we here? What is our purpose? These are questions we ask and explore in RE. Living in a multi cultural society means any career that you choose will involve you in working with people from dif...

Psychology AS/A Level ( EDUQAS )

Allerton High School

Psychology is the science of the mind, which is an extremely complex part of human life as it is the source of all thought and behaviour. AS Psychology develops students' understanding of why peopl...

Physics AS/A Level ( AQA )

Allerton High School

Physics is all around us. It is in the electric light you turn on in the morning: the car you hope to drive to work; your wristwatch, mobile phone, games console, and that 3DTV you want for Christmas...

Physical Education AS/A Level (OCR)

Allerton High School

AS Physical Education develops students’ understanding of how people maintain a healthy lifestyle by being physically active. Students should be actively involved in sport; the specifications will

OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical Certificate/Extended Certificate in IT

Allerton High School

This qualification is designed for learners 16 years old or over who want to continue their education through applied learning by developing their knowledge and understanding of the principles of IT a...

Modern Hebrew AS/A Level ( AQA )

Allerton High School

AS Unit 1 Section 1 - Comprehension in Modern Hebrew Section 2 - Translation into English Section 3 - Essay or article as a response to a stimulus A2 Unit 2 Section 1 - Comprehension in Modern...

Mathematics AS/A Level ( Edexcel )

Allerton High School

A Level Mathematics is seen by employers and universities alike as a demanding subject. Mathematics develops the students' mathematical understanding. There are three areas of development. Firstly:...

Law AS/A Level ( OCR )

Allerton High School

A Law qualification is highly regarded by employers and universities. It demonstrates the skills gained by a student who has studied this interesting and complex subject. A successful student will hav...

History AS/A Level ( AQA )

Allerton High School

What do Gordon Brown - PM, Prince Charles - Prince, Ali G - Comedian, Jonathon Ross - TV presenter, Steve Coppell - Football Manager, Lord Coe - London Olympics boss and Corinne Bailey-Rae-Singer, an

Health and Social Care - OCR Cambridge Technical Certificate/Introductory Diploma

Allerton High School

If you are looking for a career in the health sector, eg nursing, medicine, physiotherapist, social work or early years worker then this qualification is for you. Cambridge Technicals are vocationa...

Government and Politics AS/A Level ( Edexcel )

Allerton High School

Sooner than you think, you will be paying taxes, doing jury service, obeying an ever-increasing range of regulations, having your rights challenged and of course, having the vote. Studying politics is...

Geography AS/A Level ( AQA )

Allerton High School

This new AQA course has been designed to build on the knowledge and skills acquired at GCSE. It will appeal to those students who are interested in debates and issues about the world today. While the