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ECDL Advanced

5 E LTD.

ECDL Advanced is a fixed combination qualification, which builds on existing knowledge of key software applications including word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and databases. The achievemen...

Employability Programme

5 E LTD.

This course prepare learners for employment in a broad occupational area

ESOL Entry 2

5 E LTD.

Entry Level 2 will suit you if you have some English and want to improve your understanding of straightforward instructions, statements and questions, as well as have the confidence to speak or write

IT User Skills (ECDL Essentials)

5 E LTD.

ECDL develops computer skills at beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional levels. Increase your productivity, your efficiency and your employability. ECDL Essentials is a fixed combination, f...

EDI Level 1 Award in Preparing for Employment (QCF)

5 E LTD.

The aim of this qualification is to develop learners? skills and confidence to assist them to prepare for, gain and continue in employment. Students will benefit from training on CV preparation, inter...

NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care (QCF)

5 E LTD.

This qualification is designed for learners interested in, or new to, working in adult social care in England. It covers a range of key areas of knowledge applicable to working in the sector.

ESOL Entry 3

5 E LTD.

Entry Level 3 will suit you if you have enough English to feel comfortable talking to people and reading simple texts, but you want to be able to use English over the phone as well as speaking and wri...

BCS Level 3 Certificate in IT User Skills (ITQ) (QCF)

5 E LTD.

This ITQ qualification will further develop understanding and capability in the use of IT across further learning, leisure and employment. The flexibility of the ITQ will enable the learner?s course o...

ILM Level 3 Diploma in Leadership and Management (QCF)

5 E LTD.

This qualification is ideal if you are have management responsibilities but no formal training, and are serious about developing your abilities. It?s particularly suited to practising team leaders see...

ICT Systems and Principles for IT Professionals

5 E LTD.

The Level 4 Diploma in ICT Systems and Principles has been designed to offer learners the flexibility to show their achievement in a specific area of ICT and Telecoms. Learners will benefit from havin...

Retail Works

5 E LTD.

Level 2 will suit you if you work, or would like to work, in retail and you want to increase your skills, perhaps to prepare for another qualification or a role where you have more responsibility. Yo...

ECDL Extra

5 E LTD.

The aim of this qualification is to recognise the application of a range of IT user skills and knowledge in the workplace, meeting employer workforce demands. ECDL Extra is a fixed combination, and p...

Business and Administration Level 2

5 E LTD.

Level 2 will suit you if you are working in or want to work in a business support role. You're interested in learning how to carry out everyday administrative tasks. You are required to complete a nu...

City and Guilds Level 2 Certificate in ESOL Skills for Life

5 E LTD.

Level 2 will suit you if you can hold conversations, write clearly and accurately but want to be able to be more fluent when dealing with unfamiliar/complex situations. For more information about the

ESOL Entry 1

5 E LTD.

Entry Level 1 will suit you if you have only limited English and want to be able to understand simple instructions, statements and questions, as well as speak and write about familiar topics There ar...