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Abbeyfield School

The new A level Philosophy course is designed to address many of life’s key questions. You will develop the ability to be clear and precise in your thinking and writing. Analysing and evaluating th...

Biology A

Abbeyfield School

The course will involve working both independently and as a group, applying problem solving skills to both practical & theoretical situations. The A level comprises of the following modules Developm...


Abbeyfield School

The course builds on the knowledge gained in the GCSE course, adding depth and breadth. It also offers the opportunity for candidates to devise and plan experimental or investigative activities and


Abbeyfield School

The course will build upon the ideas you met at GCSE but take them all further. Including the examination of particle physics and learning about quarks, leptons, hadrons, mesons etc. students will als...


Abbeyfield School

Students of Geography will study the meaning, causes, impacts and management of global challenges. They will investigate how we can influence global challenges through our own lives. A range of topic...


Abbeyfield School

During Year 12 students will study Britain during the Tudors, examining how Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth dealt with their different problems and personalities, controlled the country. Germany is t...


Abbeyfield School

This course provides an engaging and exciting opportunity for students to build on their previous study of French. Through social, intellectual, historical and political cultural themes students will

Business A Level

Abbeyfield School

The subject comprises of a variety of modules designed to give a rounded understanding of the Business world and how to succeed in it. They are, What is business; Managers, leadership and decision mak...

Business L3 Btec

Abbeyfield School

Business enables students to develop creative and analytical thinking through investigating businesses: their products, services, customers and day-to-day activities. The modules studied are as foll...


Abbeyfield School

The A Level will be assessed through examinations (80%) and coursework (20%). The course will involve the study of modern and classical texts including poetry, drama, prose and Shakespeare. Lessons a...


Abbeyfield School

There are six modules in the Maths A level;Pure Core 1 Algebra, Coordinate geometry, Differentiation and Integration; Pure Core 2 Algebra and functions, Sequences and Series, Trigonometry, Exponential...

Further Maths

Abbeyfield School

There are six modules in the Further Maths course - Further Pure 1 Algebra, Matrices, Graphs and Inequalities, Complex Numbers, Calculus, trigonometry, linear laws and numerical methods; Decision 1 Al...

Science L3 Btec

Abbeyfield School

This course covers a variety of aspects from the three specialist areas of science. It includes cells and their functions, use of microscopes, making up chemical solutions for analytical purposes, en...

A Level Sport

Abbeyfield School

An A level in Sports studies including both theoretical and practical aspects of sports.

Health and Social Care L3 Btec

Abbeyfield School

There are six Key units that assessed either internally or externally. They are Human Lifespan Development (Externally Assessed in year 12); Unit 6 Meeting Individual Care and Support Needs (Internall...