Sports Science

Should I choose sports science as my career?

Sports and exercise science is a developing industry that thrives in the UK’s sport-obsessed climate.

Those with knowledge specific to this area are capable of working alongside professionals from the medical and healthcare industries in order to deliver care for those with sports-related injuries, for example.

Many sports and exercise graduates go into highly-paid roles, whether they be part of existing company structures, or as self-employed professionals. These roles can range from exercise physiologists to personal trainers, sports coaches, sports therapists, and even event management.

Typically, sports science job roles will require a detailed understanding of the human body, the value of nutrition and exercise, and a head for business and management. If you have an interest in these fields, as well as an affinity for science (especially human biology), you may wish to pursue a career in sports science and exercise.

How can I get into sports science?

You can study a sport and exercise science degree at university. Entry requirements will vary, but the course itself will likely include elements of the following areas of study:

- Physiology
- Psychology
- Neurophysiology
- Biomechanics
- Biochemistry
- Psychophysiology
- Anatomy
- Biokinetics
- Muscle mechanics
- Immunology

Because of this, sports science students can rely on their varied knowledge base to decide where they want to take their career.

For those who would prefer to earn-and-learn, there are sports science related apprenticeships available at both intermediate and advanced levels.

These allow apprentices to learn practical skills as well as theory, in job roles such as coaching, activity leadership, leisure operations and management, and personal training.


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